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Tesla Motors

Push-through acrylic and a simple sign box mounted to an existing brick wall. See complimentary Tesla Motors wall sign. More

Clyde Park Business Complex

Internally illuminated with fluorescent lamps and incorporates moveable divider bars for multi-tenant usage. More

Total Health Chiropractic

48" x 96" digital display area. More

North Ottawa Dunes Project

In tribute to the beautiful Lake Michigan Dune Area, this client commissioned a beautiful piece for visitors to enjoy and learn from. More

Scott Christopher Homes

This post and panel sign was custom designed to incorporate an internal illumination feature. More

Tender Lawn Care

All main i.d.'s do not have to be lit. Here is a great example of how a narrow body, non-illuminated sign design can still be distinctive and appealing. More

Sutherland Springs

Mounted onto two poles, planted in a garden setting, this condo sign is elegant and understated. More

Meijer – Rivertown Mall

This is one of several signs at a mall site. This was a distinctive build with a fancy, custom paint job that matched the special feel of the mall being constructed. More

Horizons Developmental Resource Center

This internally illuminated sign utilizes a high resolution custom printed vinyl for its face. Colorful and effective. More

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology

Here's a sign with custom radius ends and custom spaced divider bars for each tenant space. More